Office space management system

digital twin of your office space


allows to create work places and meeting rooms, control its usage, synchronise corporate calendars with it, detect most commonly used routes and browse through reports
Space management
You set up your office in way to utilise in 100%: mention all equipment, connect appropriate feedback form and point spaces on the office plan. Thus, users can always choose the most suitable workplace for themselves, and give you full feedback directly from the terminal or from a smartphone.
Interactive map
With its help, you can see on the floor plan the most frequently used routes of personnel movement so that the cleaning service can plan its work in the best possible way, or places where social distance is violated in order to set up the necessary signs. You can also graphically track space reservations and device placement on the plan.
We have collected the most important parameters so that you have a complete picture of what is happening inside the office, even when you were outside. Reports allow you to make really needed improvements and see the real results of these actions: from the placement of furniture, and the quality of equipment, to the rating of spaces and the quality of service.

Booking terminal

this is a convenient and simplest way to show the status of a meeting room, at the same time with the ability to book it, view the schedule, give feedback and find another one if this room is busy
Light indication
Any visitor, even from afar, will be able to understand whether the meeting room is vacant and when it will be vacant. In order not to distract a colleagues by telephone conversations, it is enough to take a room for 15 minutes with one touch and the same way it is easy to release it after finishing. Each event will be registered, and the manager will be able to adapt this room for employees.
Interactive office map
Your employees will find the nearest free meeting room much faster using the map and understanding their location on it. Floor plans are automatically loaded through the dashboard and dynamically updated.
User feedback
The system provides employees with an easy way to leave feedback, which will give you important information for further action. You can create a feedback form for each meeting room separately, or a single one for a group of meeting rooms. The dynamics of the rating and comments of employees are conveniently viewed in the dashboard. Employees are able to choose meeting rooms for meetings considering ratings, equipments and room characteristics.
Air quality
With sensor bcnet installed, terminal will display information about the air quality and the number of people in the meeting room. This allows the cleaning service make its work much faster in order to the prepare the room for the next appointments.
To upgrade your room with booking terminal, you just need to use any tablet based on Android OS scan the QR code from the dashboard. The tablet will download the Terminal application from the network and starts itself in the "kiosk" mode. You just need to hang it on the wall.

Work place booking

employees need only to scan the QR code from the table to take a seat. If you need to book place in advance, open the schedule and choose the most suitable one
Everything is as usual or even simpler. For ones quiet is more important, while others choose networking. Workplace can be also found and reserved on the office plan.
Booking QR-code
Each of work place have assigned unique QR code, which can be easily printed and fixed on the top. Employee needs to scan the code and follow the confirmation link. When the workplace is reserved, but not actually used, ther is a way to detect is with sensor bcnet: system automatically shows all such requests in report.


Sensor bcnet
A low-res infrared matrix with integrated temperature, humidity, pressure, illumination, carbon dioxide sensors allows you to track and determine the heat footprint from a person. The algorithm, with an accuracy of 92%, determines a person regardless of extraneous heat sources, and compares it with a coordinate on the floor plan. Sensor, unlike cameras, does not see any other commercially significant or personal information.
Beacon bcnet
Bcnet Tag you can track service personnel routes on an interactive map, build reports and ensure the quality of their work.

Why Office bcnet?

In order to start, nothing is required of you except the desire to try. We will provide full support to make your office truly SMART.
Low rates
We have the low plans and the minimum required to get started. If you have a special request - call us and we will definitely find a solution.
Customer oriented services
We will provide you full support in setting up and updating the system.
Continuous improvements
The bcnet team is constantly improving the Office SaaS. Therefore, every request from our clients will be properly analyzed and will find its embodiment in new releases.
Office bcnet
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