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Outsourcing Development

BC Net team works on range of Blockchain projects using highest development standards. Our customers guaranteed with results and process transparency by early delivery and Agile managements.


Opensource Projects

We believe blockchain will shift many traditional paradigms of software development and want to be on the cutting edge of the technology by participating in opensource communities, delivering new solutions, like Dappy Wallet, and help real business to adopt the technology.

Enterprise Blockchain

We consider enterprise blockchain solutions like Hyperledger Fabric and R3 Corda as a disruptive technologies for global business, so we invest own time and energy to become the most advanced service provider in EMEA.


About us

BC Net (BC Net LLC.) is a team of professional developers, product designers and managers with more than 15 years experience in Information Technologies and Product development. We strongly believe in Blockchain technology and provide our clients the most advanced solutions of business challenges.

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